About Us

The Ghana Association for Medical Aid is a professional resource group that seeks to address critical health issues by bringing health awareness and empowerment to our communities through the provision of medical services and supplies. We also seek to bridge the gap to higher education in our communities. In this regard, we organize sensitization workshops, seminars etc. to the youth (high school students) in our communities and educate them on the importance, benefits of higher education and provide guidance to different career choices and pathways. Our strategy and activities are rooted in our core values. These core values are commitment, service, partnership, teamwork, perseverance, compassion and impartiality.


The vision of GAMA is to work together to close the gap of health literacy for all mankind.


To provide services that promotes healthier lifestyle in the Ghanaian community in New Jersey and beyond.


To educate underprivileged and low-income persons in the service areas of both the Urban and Rural areas in New Jersey. Focusing on Acute and Chronic medical conditions which affect the community, including, but not limited to diabetes, sickle-cell anemia, obesity and Hypertension.
To partner with other agencies to coordinate the delivery of medical and dental services to the poor and under-served in the service area.
To coordinate a variety of medical service providers, pharmaceutical firms and others to provide free mini-clinics, support groups, medicine and medical devices to the poor and under-served in the service area.

Our Executive Board

Dr. Andrew Baddoo, MD


Akosua Serwah-Boadu, APN

Vice President

Paula George, APN


Nana S. Mensah RN

Interim Board members

 Dr Dennis Yeboah-Kordie DNP

Interim Board members